Made To Order Custom Table Legs
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35" H X 20" W Bracket Table Legs,  Height 33" - 40" Set(2)

35" H X 20" W Bracket Table Legs, Height 33" - 40" Set(2)


Bracket table legs are specially hand crafted and prepared for you by the BALASAGUN team. They are made of the highly strong material - steel.

Your ordered legs are prepared and shipped within 4-6 business days, and your package travels to your address in about 6-9 business days.

Your order is very carefully packaged to ensure safety on its way.


Height can be 33",34",35",36",37",38",39",40".
Default height is 35" - 89 cm. You can choose height option at no extra cost.
These are made of 40x60 mm steel rec. tube.
Each set incluedes 2 legs.
Base width 20" - 51 cm (certain)


Unless you choose other options, the legs are not specially coated, they are raw steel and prone to rusting. Finishing options are charged varyingly.

FINISHING options are:
Noncoated (will rust!!!)
matte clear coated
glossy clear coated
stainless steel; polished or brushed (please leave a note!!!)
color powder coated

A note about colored powder coating: If you choose your finishing option to be colored powder coating, you can directly choose your desired color from the drop down menu. Colored powder coating has a UV filter which ensures that the color will not fade even at outside weather conditions.

matte black,glossy black
turquoise, turquoise green, turquoise mint, turquoise pastel
copper brown, bronze color, gold yellow
pink, purple, orange

Please note that Balasagun table legs are highly customizable. We are open to collaboration with you to work on your design projects.