How can set my order?

We make all production according to the orders ,so your order will be produced just for you specially .Firstly you choose your finish or color preference and choose the product height.After your options set,your product price will be appear.

What is the custom order?

You  can want a variant of our products  that doesn't list or just your design.Then basically just send us an e-mail .Our team will help you with pleasure.After preparing your listing we send an e-mail that including price and delivery time of your custom order.

How long will it take to get my order?

After purchasing,your order will be ready to shipment in 6-14 business day according to your model .For bulk order please ask for manufacturing time .

What shipping carries do you use?

We send our packages to all around the world by air cargo and work with Fedex and DHL..

Where is  my  packaging?

As soon as we deliver your order to shipping company,we send you an e-mail including transaction number .