Dining Table Legs

Balasagun Dining Table Legs Collection
Freshen up your dining room table with a new set of legs from the exceptional Balasagun Dining Table Legs Collection. The high-quality table legs in this vast selection look excellent in modern dining rooms, living rooms, restaurants, and office spaces. Balasagun manufactures modern table bases, kitchen table legs, and furniture legs in many styles and metals.
Trendy and Reliable Design
In addition to the solid construction, the attractive designs of the dining table legs are also impressive. Design options include X-shaped, U-shaped, square flat, and round. Stainless steel is the trendy choice for modern interior design concepts. Brass adds warmth, luxury, and timelessness to a decor.

Variety of Finishes
To complete a stylish home decor, tabletops need modern dining table legs. The metal table legs manufactured by Balasagun come in a variety of finishes. Clear coating is a clean finish while polished brass or stainless steel table legs have a shiny appearance. Brushed stainless steel, brushed brass and antique brass are additional alternatives.

Customizable Options

All models in the Balasagun Dining Table Legs Collection have customizable options to suit your personal taste and style. Stainless steel dining table legs can be customized in steel, brass, or other color choices. Balasagun can also manufacture custom table legs based on specific sizes, materials, and designs.

***You can ask for customization for your dining table legs or ask for the best proper dining table legs for your tabletop. Please contact us if you need any support 👉🏻📩 
metal table base for round table tops
28" H X 24" W Bracket Table Legs,  Height 26" - 32" Set(2)