brass table legs

Brass Table Legs

  • Brassย is always in interior trends. Balasagun offers a selective brass table leg collection. Brass material adds a warm hue to your interior concept. A brass table base will be a centerpiece of a dining room.
  • You can think of brass material as furniture legs or a metal table base.ฤฐt will always be a star where it placed.
  • All Balasagun metal table legs can be manufactured as brass. Contact support if you don't see the model that you want as made in brass.
  • Brass Table Legs are manufactured brushed, polished or antique finishes. Brass is the perfect metal for adding an element of luxury, timelessness, and artisanship into 21st-century interiors.ย  ย 
  • Select one of the satin, polished or antique finished brass table legs or customize or send us your project. For brass finish samples follow the links below.
brass coffee table legs
22"  Brass Hairpin Tripot Base ,height 17" To 24" From Round Base Bistro Stool Collection