November 07, 2023




Thanksgiving is an important opportunity to bring families together. Family members may travel long distances to meet loved ones or gather locally. This allows the bonds between family members to be strengthened and togetherness to be celebrated. A unique dining table bears witness to this special day. Let's take a look at these tables.

Thanksgiving is often a time for sharing traditional meals. Dishes such as turkey, chicken, sweet potato puree, stuffed chestnuts and pumpkin pie are often on the menu for this special day. Family members have the opportunity to cook, set the table and enjoy meals together.
Imagine these unique dishes on this modern table with stainless steel table legs...

                                  PHOTO BY BALASAGUN

If you have a garden and want to spend Thanksgiving outdoors and you do not live in a very cold place, you can choose this table with stainless legs. You will also experience the comfort of stainless steel. Take a look at these table legs for outside...

                                PHOTO BY BALASAGUN

Thanksgiving tables are often prepared with care. Table colors and decorations may vary based on personal preferences and tastes, but some common table colors and decorations are Orange and yellow. They are a commonly used color for Thanksgiving. This warm color represents the harvest season and the leaves turning red. Yellow symbolizes the warmth of the sun and happiness. A yellow epoxy table can be used. A coffee corner can be made..

                          PHOTO BY TURGUZ STUDIO

 Capture the warmth of Thanksgiving and set up a farmhouse concept. For this, choose the HERAT model metal table leg and wooden table top, carefully made by the Balasagun team.

                                       PHOT BY BALASAGUN