January 09, 2024

Top Interior Design Trends of 2024 !

2024 interiors decor

Interior designers are sensing a shift towards a new kind of sophistication, one that’s more laid-back than ever. It’s a style that blends elements of Scandinavian design and a touch of maximalism, infusing it with a personalized touch. While luxury remains a priority, the emphasis is on creating spaces that are both inviting and comfortable, where you can kick off your shoes without a second thought.


Brown is making a comeback. Not that it has ever left… but brown has been a staple in interior design or table top  for as long as people can say warm and earthy. This year though, brown captures the imagination of interior design as it embraces the luxurious side of brown.

Biomorphic shapes and forms in table or furniture bring back a certain vintage and retro vibe to modern furniture design that will undoubtedly revolutionize spaces. Living room, dining room and bedroom furniture pieces receive a softer treatment as rounded edges, delicate curves and smooth corners dominate the interior design landscape resulting in an ambiance that’s cool and calm, relaxed and restorative.

                                    PHOTO BY BALASAGUN

Tulip shaped end tables can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a space. The curved leg design can be particularly effective in creating a sense of fluidity and movement, while the absence of visible legs or supports can create a sense of lightness and openness. These tables can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or plastic and can be found in a range of sizes and colors to suit different design preferences.

Meet the Metal Bar Height Table Base, the perfect base for your bar or bistro table!With the combination of solid construction, sturdy design and stylish appearance, this table base will definitely enhance the look and feel of your dining area. Seems like a good idea for 2024.

Made from high quality metal, this bar height table base is built to last. It's strong enough to support even the heaviest tabletops, ensuring your guests can enjoy their meals without worry. Plus, it's sleek design makes it easy to clean and maintain, so you can spend more time enjoying your space and less time dealing with maintenance.

                                     PHOTO BY BALASAGUN