October 10, 2022

What is a Standard Bench Size?

What is a Standard Bench Size?

A bench is a truly versatile piece that can solve many decor issues and work in almost any room of the house. Here are some favorite uses for this multifunctional actor.In the bedroom at the end of bed , in the dining room as seater , in the living room as coffee table or divider , in hall , in entryway as sofa table ,in outdoor ..See our Bench & Ottoman Legs Collection

What size bench you need ? The first question should be answered . Here are some informations to answer.

Did you know that benches can help you with correcting your sitting posture? Good bedroom benches and outdoor benches are key to keeping a good posture. But how do you know you have the right parts to build a bench? If you're looking for tips on how to pick a bench, we're here to help.

Read on for a brief guide on common bench sizes and how to choose your new furniture. Common Bench Sizes Building a bench helps you to customize the size and shape of your furniture, but there are still some standards.

When building a bench, you don't want to buy parts without knowing the dimensions of the rest of your furniture.

Instead, make sure you're checking the exact dimensions of the furniture you're building.

Doing so can help make sure you don't purchase something that won't fit in your ideal placement.


Most benches are around 18 inches at a minimum and about 20 inches at a maximum height. Benches of this height fit under nearly any standard table, such as your average dining room table.

Sticking to a bench of 18 inches in height is great if you aren't sure where you want to place it. Lower heights will ensure that you can place the bench in most areas.

If you're building outdoor benches, height will rarely restrict placement. However, there are still pros and cons to any height. Keep the consequences in mind while you browse our bench legs to make sure you don't make it too tall!

One great factor to think of is how easy a bench is to stand from. Taller benches are easier for the average person to stand from, as your legs have more room to operate. For older citizens or people with mobile impairments, a taller bench is wonderful for quality of life.


The depth of a chair will rarely restrict it. If the area is narrow, such as serving as entryway furniture, depth can restrict the walking area.

Depth can also stop a bench from sitting flush with a wall. The standard depth is usually between 15 and 20 inches.


Width is crucial for where your bench will fit. Bedroom benches are often wider as they'll usually hold more. Kitchen table benches are also often wider.

The average width is between 42 inches to about 60 inches.

A width of this size gives more room for people to sit, but make sure it'll fit wherever you need it!

Long benches become unwieldy and difficult to design around.


How to Choose a Bench ?

Now that we know more about the size, how do you decide on what style of benches to build? Here are some of the other factors that go into building furniture, benches, and other accessories for your home.

Decision on Placement

The first thing you should decide is if you're building outdoor or indoor furniture. 

For outdoor using we recommend to use stainless steel products for rainy humidite conditions . 

  Right Style Deciding  . Balasagun has a very wide range of products and also all Balasagun products are customizable for your needs .You can also contact us for further information!