16" Flat Steel Trapezoid Stainless Steel Table Legs

$390.00 USD

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Flat Steel Trapezoid Coffee Table &Bench Legs are specially handcrafted and prepared for you by the BALASAGUN team. They are made of highly strong material - stainless steel.

Your ordered legs are prepared and shipped within 6-8 business days, and your package travels to your address in about 6-9 business days.

Your order is very carefully packaged to ensure safety on its way. 

  • Height can be 12" , 13", 14", 15", 16".
  • Default Measurements 16" - 40,5 cm
  • You can choose the height option at no extra cost.
  • Flat Stainless Steel Bar 70mm x 8 mm
  • Top Width 16" - 40,5 cm certain
  • Bottom Width 12" - 30,5 cm certain
  • Set of 2 legs 
  • stainless steel; polished or brushed 
  • Brass; polished or brushed ( please ask )
Please note that Balasagun legs are highly customizable. We are open to collaboration with you to work on your design projects.

Worldwide shipping is available with express cargo. Shipment costs will be displayed when address information is entered. For more information, you can contact us.