28" A Frame Industrial Table Legs For Desks

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When it comes to interior design, the devil is in the details. Every element in a space contributes to its overall ambiance and character, and one piece of furniture that can make a significant impact is the table. Among the myriad table leg designs available, the A-frame table leg stands out as a versatile and eye-catching option that seamlessly merges style with stability.

The A-frame table leg derives its name from its resemblance to the letter "A." It consists of two slanting supports that meet at the top, forming an inverted "V" shape. This simple yet elegant design has been embraced by interior decorators and furniture enthusiasts alike, thanks to its numerous benefits and aesthetic appeal.

One of the key reasons the A-frame table leg has become a popular choice in modern interior design is its aesthetic versatility. Whether your space is rustic, industrial, minimalist, or contemporary, the A-frame leg effortlessly adapts to the surrounding decor, complementing a wide range of styles. Its clean lines and uncluttered form lend a sense of openness and sophistication to any room.

Furthermore, A-frame table legs come in various materials, such as sleek metal, warm wood, or even a combination of both. This diversity of materials allows you to choose a leg that best suits your taste and perfectly complements the tabletop.

Beyond its visual appeal, the A-frame table leg excels in its functional aspect. The slanting supports provide robust stability and reliable support to the table, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Whether you intend to use the table for casual family meals, gatherings with friends, or as a dedicated workspace, the A-frame leg ensures durability and longevity.

Moreover, the configuration of the A-frame leg offers an added benefit for those who value ample legroom. The outward-sloping design allows for more space underneath the table, offering comfortable seating without compromising on stability.

The adaptability of the A-frame table leg extends beyond its compatibility with different interior design styles. Its versatility also shines in its application across various types of tables. Whether you're looking to enhance your dining table, coffee table, desk, console table, or even a DIY project, the A-frame leg can elevate the aesthetics and functionality of each.

For smaller spaces, the A-frame leg can be paired with a compact tabletop to create a space-saving solution without sacrificing style. On the other hand, larger tables benefit from the sturdy support the A-frame offers, ensuring a gathering place that is both inviting and dependable.

 They are made of highly strong material - steel.

Your ordered legs are prepared and shipped within 8-10   business days, and your package travels to your address in about 6-9 business days.

Your order is very carefully packaged to ensure safety on its way.

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  • Height can be 26",27",28",29",30",31",32".
  • Default Measurements 28'' H ; 71cm
  • You can choose the height at no extra cost.
  • bottom width 26" = 66 cm
  • Top width 20" = 51 cm
  • Mounting Plate at the top 12 cm x 51 cm
  • A set of 2 legs 

Unless you choose other options, the legs are not specially coated, they are raw steel and prone to rusting. 


  • Noncoated (will rust!!!)
  • matte clear coated
  • glossy clear coated
  • stainless steel; polished or brushed (please leave a note)
  • color powder coated
If you choose your finishing option to be colored powder coating, you can directly choose your desired color from the drop-down menu. Colored powder coating has a UV filter which ensures that the color will not fade even at outside weather conditions.
  • white , cream
  • yellow
  • red
  • matte black,glossy black
  • turquoise, turquoise mint
  • copper brown, bronze color, gold yellow, metallic grey , dark bronze 
  • See 👉  Metallic Color Samples 
  • pink, purple, orange
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